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Mehr Asia Biotechnology Company (MABCo) is the first and the biggest producer of agriculture biological materials in Iran . The Company is established in 2001 with the aims of creating a healthy environment, development of sustainable agriculture, the production of safe and pesticide and chemical fertilizer residues , increasing function in area and ultimately, increasing the income of the farmers and providing health for the consumers.

Facilities and production establishment : In order to produce standard products with a high quality, after studying different climates in the country and searching for favorite places , a part of Semnan , located 200 kilometers from Tehran was chosen for establishing a fully equipped factory. It was started by taking the agreement and required permits from the Ministry of Mine and Industry of Iran and other related industries and sections with the following specifications

1- Solid liquid microbiological fertilizers with a production capacity of 100/000 tons per year 

2- Solid and liquid microbiological pesticides with a production capacity of 10/000 tons per year 

  1. 3- The bacteria used in oil industry with a production capacity of 10/000 tons per year 

4- Other  products like mono cellular proteins with a production capacity of 10/000 tons per year 

It must be notified that in order to carry out research activities and quality control of the products, this Company is using 2 laboratories equipped with all kinds of laboratory equipments like microscopes , shakers, incubators, biological hood and other requirements and , it is also using a refrigerating room with a volume of more than 150 cubic meters , greenhouse ,cellars, area and suitable office affairs. 

The organizational structure of the Company : 

At the moment, the Company has got 2 managements as follows : 

1)  Development and research management: In order to reach the new horizon in the field of biotechnological knowledge , a group of experienced Iranian experts holding PhDs , masters and bachelors are active in A.B.A, doing research in order to access to the progressed formulations and effective microorganisms in addition to supervising the process of production and quality control of the biological products which are being produced . 

2)  Production management : This section is responsible for production and preserving the products and, it is hand in hand with the commercial developments and research sections. 

3)  Commercial management :In order to increase access to the consumption markets and creating new demands and requests in the field of consuming biological products in addition to having a dynamic relationships with the related governmental units in central and provincial levels, this management has got several branches in the most parts of the country via assigning agents and representatives , in addition to opening and establishing agents and guiding them supervising their activities and distributing the products in order to familiarize the people and society especially farmers, has the responsibility of forming different training courses , scientific meeting , information giving and taking part in exhibition relevant to agriculture and the environment at the international , national , provincial and township levels. 

Fields of activity : Specialization and experience are the two basic axes which are continuously 

considered in this Company for the purpose of getting access to a better quality. The products are the result of research and experimentation including all kinds of material and biological fertilizers which are used in different formulations and packages with various usages in farming and gardening. At present, most of major activities are taking place in 2 fields : 

1)  Bio control agents : The agents controlling pests and disease are products which contain different bacteria and fungi which in special stages of the growth period of the plant are used to stop the growth and transferring pests and the diseases of farming and gardening products. the produced biological

2)  materials in this Company include various productions which are among the most effective bacterial equivalents and after performing different laboratory, greenhouse, and farm processes are produced and supplied with effective and enduring formulation and easy to use for farmers and gardeners.

3)  microbial inoculants / Bio- fertilizer : Biological fertilizer are materials containing useful microorganisms which are competent to provide part of nutritional needs of the plant, increase the growth of the plant directly and protect it against the environmental stresses . The biological fertilizers of this Company include all types of rizobiom biofertilizer and all kinds of bacterial made of Azosperillum ,Azotobacte ,Psudomonas, Sulfur oxides, activators of compost and micorize fungi.

In its short period of activity , this Company has produced about 3000 tons of manures and biological materials, and has supplied to the Iranian farmers.

The future aspect:

Evaluations show that as a result of the increasing acquaintance and familiarity of people to the importance and preferences of consuming the poison free agricultural products in one hand , and the useful effects of bio- products in producing better quality crops , and also getting to know about the present world market demands , based on observing the international standards and codex in other hand , day by day the society is inclined to consum biological agricultural products.

Therefore , this Company , apart from planning a good future , has in mind to develop and expand its activities and according to the following reasons benefit from the cooperation of authoritative Canadian companies :

The vast acceptance of farmers of the A.B.I productions.

Lack of ability to see to all the needs of the agricultural section of Iran

Getting access to the agricultural markets of the middle east countries , particularly Afghanistan.

Expansion and development in green house products in Iran and as a result, increasing the need , for biological materials for controlling the pests and diseases

Decision of produces of agricultural products in Iran to export and a need to produce organic and free from poison leftovers products

Decision of the producers of herbal medicine to export and need to produce organic products.

This Company predicts that with its supplementary scheme for development will be able to provide more than 100/000 tons of material and biological fertilizer yearly for the country and more than 500/000 tons for outside the country.

Luckily the costs of production of production of the mentioned products in Iran in low and at the moment the above products are being sold about 1 to 2 USD for every liter or kilogram. 

Cooperation Fields: 

In the development scheme, this Company has in mind to cooperate with foreign active and confirmed companies in the following fields: 

  • Production of covered seeds with chemical and biological materials 
  • Production of granules biological fertilizers and biological materials and tablets.
  • Production of biological pesticides 








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