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Biological Fungicide


Biosubtil biological fungicide, during greenhouse and outdoor systems of cultivation, is recommended for prevention and treatment of the soil-borne diseases such as damping-off (Rhizoctonia spp., Pythium spp.), Fusarium wilt (Fusarium spp., Verticillum spp.), crown rot (Pythophtora spp., Selerotinia spp.).Biosubtil is applied to prevent the diseases of the aerial organs of plants, including Powdery and False Mildew, Alternaria disease of potato and tomato, Rice blast, Rice brown spot, as well as carnation Rust disease.

Mode of Action:

Through covering the seeds, root and the aerial organs, and disinfection of the soil by Biosubtil, its active ingredient (bacillus subtilis) produces a variety of antibiotics and many inhibiting agents, protecting against pathogens attacks to the plant and eliminating such agents from the contaminated organs. Producing a variety of growth hormones and enzymes in the plant and the root rhizosphere, this bacterium enhances the plant root and aerial organs.

Providing a better condition for uptake of water and various nutrients by the plant increases its natural tolerance against the pathogens.

Dosage and application Method:

For disinfection of different types of plant seeds it is recommended to soak the seeds for a period not less than 15 minutes in 2 percent Biosubtil solution .

Once the seeds are sown, disinfection of soil in the cultivation holes by the 1% solution, followed by irrigation, will prevent the diseases, resulting in damping –off.

For disinfection of the roots of the seedling plants it is recommended to soak the root for a period not less than 15 minutes in 30 percent Biosubtil solutions.

Spraying the 2-3 per thousand Biosubtil solution is recommended to prevent the diseases of the aerial organs of different plant in greenhouse and field cultivations. In order to treat the infected plants use the 5 per thousand Biosubtil solution for one time. A renewed disinfection by spraying the 2-3 per thousand Biosubtil solution is recommended after 7-10 days.

1. Duration on the leaf surface:

The Biosubtil solution, sprayed on the plant, lasts for a period of 5-7 days.

3. shelf-life:

Biosubtil’s shelf-life is 6 months when maintained at 20-250C and up to 1 year when stored at 40C

4. Cautions:

 Biosubtil exhibits no adverse effect on human, warm-blooded animals and useful insects. Such as honeybees, or on the aquatic species.

For the safety reasons, it is advised to avoid drinking, eating and smoking while spraying Biosubtil. Wash face and hands with soap and water after applying the solution. Keep the  Biosubtil containers out of reach of children.



Active in|gredient:Bacillus subtilis cohn

Active cells and spores (cells/ml) (CFU): 108

Physical status :

powder and Liquid dispersal (Ls) Target diseases:

Biosubtil is used as a seed treatment for biocontrol of a rang of seedling fungal pathogens including pythium spp , Rhizoctonia spp, Fusarium spp and spraying of Biosubtil SLformulation is recommend for cucumber and tomato mildiow and rust disease of carnation .

Mode of action :

the bacterium establishes itself in the rizospher of treated crop and colonieses the plant root system and competing with soil born diseases attack the developing root system .

This inoculums by exudation different antibiotics and growth hormones protect root system against soil born diseases agents and causes more expanding of roots and shoots of plants and increase yeild.


Applied as a seed treatment, recommended 1 to 2 kg or liter per hectar of wheat, barely,corn, suger, cotton, potato, sugarcane / cacuber tomatoes...

In green house for soil treatment / pre cultivation , using 5 to 10 gram  (or ml) Biosubtilepowder per square of meter is recommended, Biosubtile must be mixed by soil as soon as possible , For spraying aerial parts of plants by Biosubtile Ls, 2.5 / 1000 Liter formulation is recommended , repeat of spraying 7 to 10 days is necessary .

Storage condition:

store under cool , dry , far from sunlight .In ambient condition Biosubtile stable at least one year in room temperature and two years in 4 -10°c Compatibility:

Biosubtile is incompatible with copper based fungicide. It is compatible with a range of fungicides and bio pesticides bio fungicides and bio Fertilizers.


It is recommended avoid drinking, eating, smoking, during application of Biosubtile and keep Biosubtile contanersout of the reach of children.





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