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Biological Insecticide


Biological Insecticide

Active Ingredient: live cells, spores and crystal of  bacteria

Ingredients Percentage:

Active Ingredients: 3.6%; Other Ingredients: 96.4%

Number of spores and vegetative cells per ml of product (CFU): 108


This product is applied for protection against larvae and insects of the major pest of the beetle order, particularly Colorado beetle in potato, Elm leaf beetle, Tychius  aureolus and different kinds of the leaf beetle family, etc.

Mode of Action:

Bithiran is a digestive insecticide, causing mortality of larvae of higher ages. After feeding on Bithiran. It poisons the host and the digestive system becomes paralyzed and the pests cease to feed, followed by their mortality within 5-7 days.


Dosage of Bithiran is 1 to 2 lit./ha. In the event of larvae of different ages, the maximum does is recommended. For protection of fruit gardens and non-fruit trees against leaf beetles, spraying of 2 per thousand Bithiran solution is recommended.






Bithiran may be mixed and applied simultaneously with all chemical and biological insecticides and fungicides, as well as all chemical micronutrient fertilizers with a pH value of below 7. Avoid mixing Bithiran with copper compounds and Bordeaux solution.

Duration in the environment:

Bithiran solution, sprayed on the plant, lasts for a period of 5-7 days.

Shelf- life:

Bithiran’s Shelf- life is 6 months when maintained at 20-250C and up to 1 year when stored at 40C.


Bithiran exhibits no adverse effect on human, warm-blooded animals and useful insects, such as honeybees, or on the aquatic species.

For the safety reasons, it is advised to avoid drinking, eating and smoking while spraying Bithiran. Wash face and hands with soap and water after applying the solution. Keep the use Bithiran containers out of reach of children.



Bacterium:  Bacillus thuringiensis subsp. Morrisom.

Previous name B.thuringiensis subsp. Tenebrionis

Active ingredient: mixture of spores and crystals of the bacteriu.

Number of spores: 108 spores per ml of the product

Target pests

Larvae and adults of important pests of coleopter order, specially Colorado beetle and leaf eater of populos trees.

Mode of action

Bithiran is a digestive biopesticide. Affected pests larvae and adults will normally Stop feeding within 30 minutes to 2 hours after ingestion , death follow within

2-5 days depend on pests’ species and larval instar.

Maximum efficacy and speed of action of Bithiran will be happened on 1st and 2d larval instar.

Precaution: Bithiran has no harmful side effects on human beings, mammals, honeybees and aquatic animals.

It is recommended not to drink, eat and smoke during Bithiran application. Wash face and hands by soap and water after application.

Keep Bithiran containers out of children reach.







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