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Bithurin is a bacterial insecticide containing vegetative cells, spores and poisonous crystals of Bacillus Thuringiensis subsp. Kurstaki. This biological insecticide, enjoying very special properties, exhibits a broader scope of effect, compared with the similar compounds. It has a definite killing effect on the pests. Resisting chemical pesticides, and thus causing a wide range of impacts for the agricultural producers. Bithurin presents controlling effects on a large spectrum of larvae of Lepidoptera order in the fields, gardens, forests, pastures as well as on the greenhouse, vegetable and cucurbits crops.

Mode of Action:

The correct application of  Bithurin to be sprayed is when the larvae are in their egg cases, so that surface of the plant contaminated by the pests is thoroughly covered by the prepared solution. The infected larvae will normally cease to feed, between 30 minutes up to 2 hours after ingestion of the killing amount of the bacteria, and will die after 2 to 5 days depending on the pest age and kind. The most rapid mortality is observed among the larvae of the first and second ages.

Target pests:

Corn, tomato and cotton bollworm,

Soya armyworm.

Soybean and pea podworm,

Apple worm,

Quince worm,

Apple moth,

Grape lobesia,

Sugar beet armyworm,

European corn stem borer.

Land leaf-eating pests

Pasture green leaf-eating worm and stem-eating worm

Cabbage diamond back moth and butterfly.


Bithurin may be mixed and applied simultaneously with all chemical and biological pesticides, as well as all chemical fertilizers. It is not recommended to mix this biological insecticide with alkaline insecticides, nor with alkaline micronutrient fertilizers. The prepared Bithurin solution shall be applied not later than the same day. Avoid keeping the solution in the sprayer tank for the next day.

Application Method:

The best time for applying Bithurin is at the same time with egg hatches of the pests and activity of the larvae of the first and second ages. The defined timing to apply this biological insecticide normally is, when the pest larvae begin to leave the egg case in the field. The best time for spraying is afternoon hours during a calm and non-windy weather choosing a suitable sprayer for a through and identical coverage by Bithurin solution will secure the success in the pest control.

 Bithurin is a digestive insecticide, so repeat spraying after 7 to 10 days, for the rapidly growing plants.


Due to digestive effect of Bithurin the best pest-control results may be obtained during the first stages of the larvae growth. For the pest larvae of the first ages, which, shortly after the egg hatches, penetrate into the fruit or stem, the maximum recommended dose shall be applied along with the most accurate timing. Generally, 1 to 2 lit/ha of Bithurin may be successfully applied against a large number of Lepidoptera larvae.

Safety precautions:

The active ingredient of Bithurin is a natural compound with a highly exclusive effect. Thus it shows no adverse effect on human or animals (excluding silkworm). Bithurin’s duration of the products is too short, with a carrence period of zero. Although Bithurin biological insecticide is safe, it is recommended to observe general safety regulations during application.


Bithurin shall be stored in the special containers designed for this purpose, in a cool and dry place, out of direct sunlight. Storage of this product under temperatures above 300C and humidity levels of over 80 percent is not recommended, since it may cause adverse effects on the product quality, is 1 year when maintained at 4-100C  and up to six months when stored at 20-250C.




Active ingredient: 3.6 % mixture of  Bacillus thuringiensis subsp . kurstaki spores and crystalinclusion bodies.

Others:  96.4 %

(CFU): 10active cells / ml

Lepidoptera larvae, particularly The diamond back moth ( plutella spp ) and other vegetable pests , cotton bollworm , pea capsul worm, Rice stem boser, corn , European stem borer,Rice green worm, different kinds of armyworm of cotton , soybean , sugar beet, alfalfa.

Mode of action: Bithurin is digestive bio pesticide . Affected larvae will normally stop feeding within 30 minutes to 2 hours of ingesting a lettal dose , and death follow within 2-5 days depending on pest spicies and instar of larvae. Maximum efficiency and speed of action is exhibited against 1 st an 2nd instars.

Application: use at rates 1 to 2 litter of Bithurin per hector, ensure crop is well covered with the spray suspention . Apply while insect larvae are small and repeat application 7-10 days if infestation is high .

Storage condition: Do not expose to direct sunlight, keep cool but do not freeze . If store under cool condition (2 - 4°c ).

The products remain viable for two years or more and in room temperature.  Bithurin self life will be 1 year.

Compatibility: Do not use in combination with broad spectrum brocides materials and copper base fungicide . It is computable with wide range of chemical pestisides, fungicides,herbicides, stickers, wetters, spreaders and other blojesticides

Precaution: Bithurin has no side effects on human biengs, mammals, honeybees and aquatic animals . Recommended do not drink , eat and smoke during Bithurin application and wash hands and face by soap and water after application . Keep Bithurin containers autof reach of children .




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