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Bio fertilizer

(Biomedica (Specialized for Alfalfa)

                 Biomedica Biofertilizer (Specialized for Alfalfa)                                
Biomedica Trade name:
Sinorhizobioum Meliloti Active Ingredient:
10/ml Colony Forming Unit (CUF):
Liquid Formulation:

In comparison with other grasses, alfalfa is the richest source of protein, calcium, phosphor and vitamin A. The plants of  this type are rich in vitamin B, Riboflavin, niacin as well as C, K and E vitamins.

They said the plant is cultivated in more than 600/000 hectare of Iran field. This is the most valuable crop of the legume Family, and is used more frequently than other cultivated green grasses.

For economic cultivation of this plant, Nitrogen is an essential need, which may be supplied through chemical Nitrogen fertilizers, and Rhizobium bio fertilizers. Applying Urea chemical fertilizer, in addition to imposing significant costs upon the farmers, shows a low efficiency as a result of its high solubility and a considerable portion of it may be lost as a consequence of being either washed out to the deeper layers of soil, or converted to the nitrogen oxide gas. Thus it is a highly significant risk to human health and the environment.

Whereas, the Rhizobium biofertilizer for Alfalfa, containing Sinorhizobium Meliloti bacterium, symbiotically living with the plant and forming root nodules, is able to transform atmospheric nitrogen into ammonia and directly supply it to Alfalfa. Therefore, Alfalfa, in symbiosis with the said bacterium, can fix more than 500 kg Nitrogen per hectare.

Biomedica inoculants for Alfalfa is a rhizobium fertilizer, which besides providing the plant nitrogen need eliminating the requirement of urea chemical fertilizer, is able to improve the Alfalfa productivity, as a result of its growth promotion properties.

Mehr Asia Biotechnology Co. (MABCo.) applies a special technology to formulate biomedical in a manner that the bacterium contained in it is able to exhibit its optimized activity under very different climatic conditions and Alfalfa fields all over the country. The quality and production conditions of this fertilizer comply with international standards.

Dosage and Application Method:

1) Seed inoculation

The best and most effective application method for this fertilizer is mixing it with seeds to be cultivated. This simple and inexpensive method highly effects on the plants` productivity. For treatment of Alfalfa seeds by the inoculants, the quantity of seeds, required for one hectare (i.e.25-30Kg) shall be spread on a clean polythene sheet (shake Biomedica container to obtain a homogenous solution). Then gradually scatter it on the seeds and agitate them. The entire inoculating process shall be carried out in the shade and out of the direct sunlight. In the event that the inoculated seeds humidity is not suitable for sowing them, they shall be spread in the shade for 15 to 30 minutes to reduce their humidity.

It shall be noticed that the inoculated seeds shall be sown on the same day, or not later that the day after:

Improving the yield per each harvest and increasing the annual harvests to 2 times, as a minimum, are some of the advantages of applying Biomedica  biofertilizer at the Alfalfa field.

2) Spring Periodical method: this product may be applied also in the spring periodical form, either to complete inoculation by Biomedica biofertilizer, or when the seeds have not been inoculated. In the spring periodical method (preferably after gathering each harvest) dissolve an amount of 4 lit./ha of Biomedica in 100

liters of water in a container with a valve. Apply the solution at the appropriate time, along with irrigation water, by gradual opening of the valve. The container output shall be adjusted in a manner that biomedical reaches all plants across the Alfalfa field. Irrigation should be done during the morning and evening hours to avoid direct sunlight.

3) Cautions:

This biofertilizer exhibits no adverse effect on human, warm-blooded animals and useful insects and microorganisms in soil or water. Though, during inoculation of the seeds, it is strictly advised to use gloves, avoid drinking, eating and smoking, and wash face and hand with soap and water when the process is done.

Keep this biofertilizer in a cold and dry place out of the direct sunlight. Avoid freezing. Keep the Biomedica containers out of reach of children. Best to store at 40C.





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