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Nitroxin Biofertilizer in Rice Fields


Application for use of biofertilizers in Rice fields

Bio-fertilizers protect the crop against environmental threats, various infectious agents, bending and insufficient nutrition due to the crop’s inability to absorb nutrients efficiently. By creating a balance between the uptake of nutrients and the crop’s requirements, biofertilizers have been able to improve the quality of the product.

The biofertilizers used presently in crop fields are:




2 to 4 liters of these biofertilizers must be used per hectare to impregnate the seeds.

The most appropriate timing for seed inoculation is the use of biofertilizers before the germination of the seeds.

Other stages in which the biofertilizer may be used are after germination of the seeds spread and finally, during the transfer of crops from the nursery bed to the main field.

Methods to use

A. Inoculation of the seeds with Biofertilizer before sprouting

The most appropriate time for seed inoculation before sprouting takes place after separating the cover of the grains of the crop with water and salt, wash the seeds thoroughly with water; then, let them soak in water for 24 hours in order to acquire enough moisture. Subsequently, place the seeds in a solution of fungicides (2-3 per 1000) to disinfect the seeds.

During the process of disinfection, add 2 liters of nitroxin to the fungicide solution for every hectare. While the seeds are undergoing disinfection, inoculation of the seeds with biofertilizers also takes place simultaneously.

As the seeds are undergoing this process, they should be mixed well 3 or 4 times.


In case super nitro plus are used, there is no need for use of any chemical fungicides. The method of seed inoculation with the help of these biofertilizers is the same as nitroxin.

B. Inoculation of sprouted seeds

In case inoculation hasn’t taken place in the first step, it is possible to do so after the seeds have sprouted in the nursery bed and before they are covered with plastic.

3 liters of nitroxin are mixed with 5 liters of water. After that, this solution is sprayed with the help of a sprayer or a pesticide pump with low pressure on the seeds to be planted in one hectare of land.

C. Inoculation of the roots of the plant in nursery bed

If the inoculation hasn’t yet taken place, it is possible to do so when the roots of the plant have grown by 1-3 cms. Add 5 liters of Nitroxin to the water for every unit of the store considered for 1 hectare. Water flow should be avoided for 24 to 48 hours so as to allow the biofertilizer to penetrate the soil and roots of the plant.

D.  Inoculation of the roots of seeding before transfer

Initially add 5 liters of Nitroxin into a suitable vessel (such as a bucket or a shallow pool) that contains 100 liters of water. This solution is sufficient for Inoculation half of the seedling’s to be planted in 1 hectare of land. These seedlings are brought out of the stores and their roots are plunged into the solution.

The seedlings should be placed in this manner for at least 5 minutes after which, they should be ready to be planted in the field. For inoculating the remaining seedlings, empty the vessel and prepare a new solution and repeat the process all over again.

Use of biofertilizer ultimately results in the increase in capability for dense growth in the volume of the root, in the thickness and length of the stem, in the number of branches, in the number of grains per branch, resistance to bending and various root diseases and in quality, with an improved quantity of 700 Kgs Per hectare.

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