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Active ingredient: Mesorhizobium ciceri Azospirillum spp. Pesudomonas fluorescens

Bacterium active bodies (CFU): 108 ciceri cells per kg . 107 Azospirillum spp. Cells per gr. 107Pseudomonas fluorescnce cells per gr.

Inoculated plants by rhizobium, due to increasing production needs more amount phosphorus, so researchers have made effort to respond this need by aid bacteriumPseudomonas fluorescens.

Combination of three genus of bacteria in the Rhizochickpea Super Plus bio fertilizer will balance nitrogen in plant, increasing root, positive hormonal effects, phosphorus dissolving and increasing stability of inoculant. Synergetic interactions will cause higher crop production with higher quality.

Amount and method of usage:

Each package of Rhizochickpea Super Plus (One kilogram) is enough for inoculating onehectar (70-80 kg chickpea/ha). Seeds should be moistured by 20 per cent water – Arabic Gum , CMC or suger solution, before adding Rhizochickpea Super Plus. Mix bio fertilizer powder with seeds completely and after drying inoculated seeds in shadow, cultivated them as soon as possible.

Store condition:

Rhizochickpea super plus must be store in 40C. Cultivate inoculated seeds maximum 5 hours after inoculation. Store Rhizochickpea Super Plus pakages in dry cold place and far from direct sunlight.


This biofertilizer has not any harmful side effect on human being, warm blooded

animals, aqueous animals and honey beens.

During application of this biofertilizer avoid eating, drinking and smoking.

Wash hands and face with water and soap at the end of application.

Store and keep it far from children reach.

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