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Soybean Inoculant

Soybean is an oil seed, cultivation of which in Iran began about 50 years ago. Nowadays it is widely cultivated in this country. Soybean seeds, each containing 20% oil and 35-40% protein, enjoy a considerable nutritional value. At the present time, the main part of edible oil in the world is produced by Soybean. Furthermore, the high quantity of protein content of this product plays a significant role to supply protein needs all over the world.

Large amounts of Nitrogen fertilizer are highly required for the Soybean appropriate growth and productivity. The conducted studies show that 350 Kg Urea is required to reach a seed production efficiency of 2t/ha. Such amount of fertilizer, in addition to increasing the production costs, leads to contamination of soil and water resources, and has strictly harmful effects on the useful soil-borne species.

What to do?

Soybean is able to establish a symbiosis with nitrogen-fixing bacteria such as Bradyrhizobium japonicum, to provide a main portion of its nitrogen needs. The symbiosis are established between the plant roots and the said bacterium, leading to formation of root nodules, transforming atmospheric nitrogen into nitrogen fertilizer. Applicable by the Soya plant. The amount of nitrogen, which is fixed and released for the plant use, through this way, varies largely, but under favorable conditions, more than 80 percent of the plant needs are met. Based on the scientific researches, the symbiosis method for nitrogen-fixing. As a result of applying the natural soil bacteria, is the best and most reliable manner to produce Soybean.

The agricultural lands of the country often fail to include an adequate number of such bacteria, or the existing bacteria do not exhibit an appropriate efficiency. Therefore, during  Soya cultivation, the said bacteria, in form of bio fertilizer shall be necessarily added to the Soya seeds.

The most effective bacteria Bradyrhizobium japonicum are utilized to produce Soybean inoculants by the technical knowledge and under supervision of Soil and Water Research Institute of Iran. Thus, this product is capable to enhance Soya growth and productivity and consequently and save nitrogen fertilizers to a large extent.


In order to obtain favorable results and for a better rigid state of the roots, to establish the symbiosis, 50Kg/ha of Nitrogen fertilizers shall be applied during Soybean cultivation

Soybean Inoculation Advantages:

  • Improvement of germination;
  • Enhancement of growth and productivity;
  • Improvement of the seed quality by increasing the oil and protein contents;
  • Saving considerable amounts of Nitrogen fertilizers;
  • Reinforcing the soil fertility;


Use one 300-gram pack Soybean Inoculant for 1 hectare of Soybean cultivation      (60-80 Kg).

Application Method:

In order to inoculate Soybean seeds by Bradyrhizobium japonicum:

1. Use a clean and suitable polythene bag or container with a capacity of 2 to 3 times the seed volume, for 60-80 Kg of Soybean seeds.

2. Gradually dissolve the content of the small pack, accompanied by the inoculants, in 600ml clean water (approx.3 glasses), to prepare the adhesive solution:

3. Add the adhesive liquid to the seed containing bag or container and shake well, so that the seed surface is thoroughly covered by a layer of adhesive liquid inoculants.

4. Now add the contents of an inoculants pack to the adhering seeds and shake well, so that the seed surface is thoroughly covered by inoculants.

5. Spread the seeds in the shade to be dried with a little of air circulation (not longer than 5 minutes).

6. Immediately begin to cultivate the inoculated seeds.


Inoculation shall be carried out in the shade.

Keep the inoculated seeds away from the direct sunlight, and the dry and hot winds.

In the event of applying inoculants, Nitrogen fertilizers shall be used just to the extent of the starter, i.e. 20-30 Kg/ha.

Use a 300-gram pack of inoculation for 60-80 Kg Soybean. Add the proportionate amount of inoculants for extra amounts of seeds.

Use two packs of inoculants for inappropriate ecological and soil conditions, and when the land is for the first time used for Soya cultivation.

This inoculants is designed exclusively for Soybean, and is not recommended for other plants.

Notice the expiry date on the package.


Keep inoculants in a cool and dry place out of the direct sunlight.

Net Weight: 300g






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