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Active ingredient: Super nitro plus is a special compound of 3 bacterium with differet effect on plant growth, soil bom diseases  and nematod control.

Bacterium active ingredients: 108 Azospirillum sop. per gr or ml of the product

The combination different bacteria: 108 Bacillus subtilis per gr or ml of the product

In Super Nitro Plus produce differet kinds of plant growth regulators, sidrophores,

antibiotics and inhibitors for pathogenic agents and hydrogen cyanid for

control of nematodes and finally increase the growth and yield of the crops.

Many soilborn disease agents like Pythium,

Fusarium, Rhizoctionia, Phythophtora, Sclerotinia, Verticillium will be controled by application of Super Nitro Plus.

Precaution :

Super nitro plus has not any harmful side effects on human being, warm blooded

animals, aqueous animals and honeybees.

Dury application of Super Nitro Plus avoid eating, drinking and smoking.

wash hands and face after application by water and soap.

Store Super nitro plus out of children reach.