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Hiumixin liquid fertilizer contains Humic & Fulvic acids, macro elements (N,P,K) and micro elements (Cu, Mn, Fe). Humic and Fulvic acids have been extracted from Leonardite mines.The Humix can be used for all crops (cereal, maize, sugarcane …), vegetables, greenhouse products, fruit trees and bushes.  This product can improve soil structure and then the penetrarion of soil will be improved


How to use:

  • It can be used with irrigation water (5-10 Liter/hectare).
  • It can be sprayed on soil (5-10 Liter/hectare).
  • It is preferred to be repeated 2-3 times during growth period.
  • In the case of seed inoculation, dilute 1 liter Humix in 8 liters of water. Then the solution can be used for  100 kg seed.
  • In the case of planting, plunge roots in 2% solution of this fertilizer. This can be done before plantation. It will cause root improvement and then the resistance of plant against environmental stress will be improved.
  • Spraying 3-4 liters per 1 hectare and repeating  2-3 times during life cycle will cause yield increment and better quality in product.


Direction table


Amount L/hectare

Time of application

Cereal, Rice, Sugarcane


First and second irrigation.

Repeat during life cycle



First irrigation after first harvest.




First irrigation after harvest.

Repeat once in every 2 weeks.




First and second irrigation.

Repeat during life cycle

Garden plants


Use  during the life cycle



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