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Description of Sulphur Coated Urea (SCU) Fertilizer

As its name indicates, “SCU Fertilizer”  is Fertilizer which is produced by the capsulization of Urea with the elements appropriate for soil such as sulphur and sealant which itself consists of some different elements. And based on its special formula. It provides the plant with the nutritional contents of urea fertilizer on a slow release basis over a 40-day output period.

We explain its advantages and specifications as follows;

Necessity of Replacing Urea Fertilizer by SCU Fertilizer nitrogen is one of the main nutritious elements which the plant receives through Urea Fertilizer. However, the reason for the selection of SCU fertilizer instead of uncoated Urea Fertilizer is as follow:

  1. A.    Economical and Technical reasons

1. As to uncoated Urea Fertilizer (ordinary Urea Fertilizer), depending on the immediate solubility of urea in water* the output of this kind of Fertilizer IS less than 30%. The reason :70% of urea is not absorbed by the plant as a result of immediate break and it is wasted: whereas, due to its slow release property which is the most prornrnent property of SCU Fertilizer the existing nitrogen is transferred to the plant on a slow and 100% basis over an output period of approximately 40 days. Therefore. Compared to Urea Fertilizer the quality of this kind of fertilizer which is used is reduced by one third which is considered an economically important saving in respect of the purchase and distribution of fertilizer on a farm.

2. The use of uncoated Urea Fertilizer result in soil getting hard, in water not being able to permeate and in fertility of land being decreased: whereas, this problem is totally removed once SCU fertilizer is used because nitrogen is slowly released in water.

3. Given that sulfur has been used in the coating of SCU fertilizer as a major part in 


   ISO: 14001 2004

Respect of weight and due to the presence of disintegrating bacteria in the compound forming the elements of the coating, after sulphur has played its role within the SCU fertilizer composition and after nitrogen has been fully transferred to the plan. Sulphur as an element play a part as a nutritious substance and. Also. As a substance regulating the PH level of the soil. And it results in the soil being reinforced and in the land getting fertile.

4. As a pesticide and a fertilizer, sulphur as an element can also play a role from an economical two different fertilizers will actually been used.

B. Environmental Reasons

The quick washing away of nitrogen in case uncoated Urea Fertilizer is used not only causes economic damage (as referred to above), but it also results in nitrogen penetrating underground waters and rivers in polluting the environment and, especially, in contaminating drinking waters, because the washed nitrogen which ultimately turns into a nitrate leads to the outbreak of numerous diseases such as the death of children as a result of the inability of the lungs to absorb oxygen: whereas, as to SCU fertilizer the gradual and slow transfer of nitrogen to the plant and its complete absorption completely remove this problem and there is no wasted nitrogen.


Total Nitrogen:                                                      30%- 34% (urea 80%)

Sulphur:                                                                        12% - 32%

Additive:                                                                            5%

Moisture:                                                                           0.5%

Main size;                                                                       1-4mm.(85%)

7 Day dissolution nitrogen:                                                    15%-25%




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