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Active ingredient: Fungus species of genus Glomus.

Fungus active bodies (CFU): 2*106 active propagules  bodies in each kilogram of Biovampowder and 300 in each capsul.

This bilogical fertilizer contains different species of Arbescular Micorrhiza of genus Glomus.Biovam biofertilizer by 100 percent increasing of root absorbtion ability and suppling plant needs to water and nutrient, retain plant crops in hard environmental stresses and limitations.

By using Biovam biofertilizer in proper density of active propagules of fungi, can promote ability of garden and field crops in absorbing phosphorus , zinc , copper, mangnese and iron from soil.

Amount and methods of usage:

One kilogram of biovam powder Is suitabel for seed inoculation of each crop plant perhectar. Biovam capsul is recommended for young trees during transfering trees fromnursury. One capsul is recommended for each one year tree.

Store condition:

IN 20 C Biovam can be maintained about 3 months and in 10 C it will store for 6 months.

Cultivate inoculated seeds maximum 5 houres after seed inoculation. Store biovam packages in cold dry condition and keep it far from sunlight.


Biovam has not any harmful side effects on human being, warm blooded animals,

aqueos animals and honey bees. Durrg applying, avoid eating, drikig and

smoking and wash face and hands with water and soap at the end

of application.

Keep Biovam out of children reach.




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