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Nitroxin (Wheat and Barley)

Biological Fertilizer


Nitroxin biofertilizer consists of the most effective species of nitrogen fixing bacteria. This product has been formulated specially for Wheat and Barley. The Nitroxin produced in MABCo is recommended for increasing the output per unit area of land, for increasing the product’s quality and providing the needs of Wheat and Barley. This biofertilizer can provide the plant with its major nitrogen needs by fixing atmospheric Nitrogen and supplying to the roots of plants. Its including bacteria secrete various hormones (such as auxin, Gibberellin, Cytokinin,…) that stimulate the plant’s growth, causing the growth of the root and hence improve the absorption of water and nutrients by the plant. According to research results and the applications of Nitroxin on various soils seen on a large scale have shown a significant increase of output per unit area of land.


The best and most effective method to use the biofertilizer is to mix it with the seeds before cultivating them. Initially, spread the seeds on a clean plastic or and them in a rotating container (such as a cement mixer) and hence gradually adds the recommended amount of biofertilizer to the seeds and mix thoroughly, either manually or with the help of a rotating machine. After mixing, the inoculated seeds should be spread in the complete shade until they are dried completely. Hence the seeds are ready for cultivation. In case a mixer is used, first add the biofertilizer and while the mixer is rotating, add the fungicides. Mixing Nitroxin and various fungicides is allowed except copper products. The table of Nitroxin amount recommended to be used for inoculating seeds is represented below.



Type of Application


Wheat or


Seed inoculation

Inoculate 180-200kg (irrigated farming) and 100-120 kg (dry farming) of seed with 2 liters of Nitroxin

With irrigation water

Use 4-6 liters of Nitroxin  with irrigation water during tillering phase until  stem emersion


The best time period for using Nitroxin with irrigation water is during tillering phase until stem emersion. During irrigation, the Nitroxin mixed in water is gradually allowed to reach the roots of the plant by regulating the container’s outlet.


Nitroxin biofertilizer is not harmful to human beings, warm-blooded animals, useful insects and microorganisms present in water or air. However, gloves should be used while seed inoculation with the biofertilizer. Hands and face need to be washed with soap after work. The biofertilizer should be stored in a shadowy, cool and dry place, far from sunlight. Prevent freezing and keep out of reach of children.

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